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Find the PAUSE!

All the teachers that I follow and admire from the linear of TKV Desikachar sir, often give a definition for Yoga as 'relationship'.

This context could and should be used everywhere, yet often times I think about it while I'm going through my practice. The relationship with my own practice changes, takes different forms, work with different tools at times which I may use in small groups when I feel it is adequate.

This is what happened in today's group.

My practice turns out to progressively emphasise in using the bandhas (all 3) quite regularly and honestly, I try hard NOT to act obsessively on that one. I don't flert with obsession in my life, but now I catch myself thinkng about the badhas very often (I guess ageing is a good excuse!?!)

Anyway, I used retention after the exhalation (Bahya Kumbhaka) activating the bandhas during a group class and formed small vinyasas to enhance the quality of movement and breath. We did 3 repetitions and the group really loved it!

For the little sequence in the video I used 3 breaths ->->->

IN - Stretch the arms up (Tāḍāsana)

EX - Forward fold (Uttānāsana)

IN - Half way up (Ardha Uttānāsana)

EX - Stay same position

PAUSE - Moving into forward fold (Uttānāsana)

IN - Stretch the arms up (Tāḍāsana)

EX - Palms in front of the heart (Samasthiti)

Happy Practices!


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