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Maitrī - a glance on Friendliness

Maitri (Maitrī) - Sanskrit word that translates = friendliness, loving-kindness

A special quality we go back to and so much needed times like these...

The Ritambhara community from India and the programme 'SaptaSwara' has began and about 20 people mainly from India (but also France, Australia, USA, Israel) we meet online and reflect on each Swara (note).

SaptaSwara = 7 notes

Raghu and Sashi (founders of Ritambhara) have compiled this programme for us all to play and reflect that will help us to coprehend the nature of reality and walk our own unique path reaching the highest potential.

FIRST Swara which is....Maitrī.. We had the opportunity to ponder on concepts like friendliness, compassion, understanding, trust, truthfulness, affection, stability, wellness.

As you go along through the questions you can reflect, think, make a connection or not, probably write something or draw something...

We got to distinguise our roles: and check how ALIGNED we are with this quality in our lives.

~Am I a listener? An observer? Or mostly the speaker?

~Am I holding relationships that nourish me and the environment around me or deplete me ?

~Do I have knee jerk reactions to incidents in life or have I moved to a state of self reflection?

~Have I given the space required to ocme up with other perspectives & frameworks?

~Are my responses conditioned and controlled by the environment? And can I move away from this to discover other parts of me?

~Do I keep this the concept more theoritical or I look at it as an exploration?

Over to you....<3

The processes we put ourselves to go through sometimes may seem trivial or with no importance, but actually, can really shift our perspective when we give time, we give space and reflect.

For me, it works because : mirroring others I can understand more myself and human nature in general, also I feel good after our sessions....either calm with clear head or agitated with clear head...I enjoy both!

A big hug xxxx

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