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Practising Yoga at Home series # Intro

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

This is how I learnt Yoga in the first place by my teachers

Yoga has various facets of practice and many tools to support this practice, this is why there are so many styles and this is why we adapt to the place and time. Throughout our lives there is a great possibility to try and enjoy different styles and methods, however every time we hit the mat it is good to know where we are...obviously, a young and curious mind wants to try various methods and teachers and the way I see it, when we start this journey, we won't 'connect' with everyone out there, but there is always something to take with us and evolve.

Personally, I never left a yoga class and I have been to thousands. I still remember the very few classes that I couldn't stand being there, but I never left in the middle of the class. Apart from the respect quality, it was a tough way to reflect on where I am and where I am not.

Yoga should serve our present needs so that small transformations can occur as we take steps into this journey. This applies both students and teachers ~ no doubt teachers are always students anyway.

In my case, my reflection (swadhyaya) led me to realise that I enjoy teaching personal classes and with the help of my teachers, I present the 'Practising Yoga at Home' series for those who are considering seriously to understand their own journey and to follow their own yoga path.

In the following series, I will present some essential information on how to get the most out of your home yoga practice 😀

Stay tuned 🤩😘

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