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Happy New Year ~ Be Happy!

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 22 Σεπ 2020


Vipassana meditation was for me the beginning of this exciting year. I was meditating almost 7 hours per day and the rest serving others, so that they can enjoy the fruits of their practice. Vipassana means ‘insight’, gained by self-observation from moment to moment, observing our breath and senses. This observation is not always pleasant as the reality we seek to see in our life. Self-observers these 10 days confront every single reality of their nature and are obliged to deal with certain aspects that are hard to accept. Sometimes there is craving and sometimes aversion. In the beginning it is a struggle. Then the difficulties pass away. No craving, no aversion. The mind constantly surprises us. It perfectly adjusts and becomes involved, calm, detached, engrossed with the practice. S.N Goenka says that during these 10 days, the meditator has undergone a surgical operation, to remove the pus from the mind which is painful and a source of endless misery. Consequently after this surgery, the meditator relieves the mind of some of its tensions, and enjoys greater mental health. It is a way that we can find balance, peace and harmony in our lives so that we can be happy, away from suffering.!

I personally find this technique very simple, but extremely intelligent, so true, so powerful, you just can’t hide from yourself.

And what is most true that by understanding your true nature through the breath and senses, your mind and intellect sharpens, you have stronger intuition, you make better and more clever decisions, simply be satisfied with what life brings you.



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