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Hatha & Vinyasa

Individual Tuition

Yoga techniques and practices can be applied to the individual according to the needs. There will be practice plans designed for your personalised home practice which will support your body, mind and life in general. 

Individual tuition will be very beneficial for people who :lop

  • Want a home practice tailored to their situation, at their own pace and space which cannot be catered to a group class environment.


  • Want to cope more efficiently with conditions such as physical pain, anxiety, depression, breathing difficulties, circulatory or digestive problems, arthritis, hypertension or recovering from an injury.


  • Want to support a sporting activity by strengthening a particular part of the body or relieve over strained muscles.


  • Wish to connect with their own spirituality

Yoga is ~~~

'"The process of changing the wandering mind into a centered one, a wanting mind into a contented one, a self-indulging mind into a self-fulfilling one"

AG Mohan

Group Tuition

Every class at the comfort of your own home/space or in a studio will :

  • Have an 1h to 1h30m duration (depending on the setting and the aim of the class)

  • Explore Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques) 

  • Leave a few minutes of relaxation at the end

  • Support the Individual or Group needs and will be accommodated to the lifestyle, interests and physical condition. 

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Whatever the intention might be and with consistent practice, Yoga can become a support in life and bring balance in all levels.

The discussion of the situation will be done in our first meeting/consultation either in person or online and it is free of charge. 

All information will be kept confidential 

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