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Meet Evi

Evi Bouzaki's teaching style encompasses a fusion of Hatha Yoga with particular interest on Vinyasa (sequence/flow) which is all about harmonising movement and breath. 

Yoga invites mindfulness into our actions, so that we become increasingly aware of how we move, breathe and eventually, how we might begin to ease into a meditative stillness. 

The human body is naturally dynamic; when the movement becomes conscious, the body, organs and mind love it and they function properly; this just happens naturally!


Hence, she has chosen Yoga Kinisis as a name to define her intentions (kinisis=movement in greek).

In this way, Yoga Kinisis embraces flow - the conscious dynamism within and between poses. Whether the flow is simple or more complicated is to be decided on the group level or individual. Any session will dedicate an appropriate amount of time on Pranayama (breathing techniques).

Whatever will be, Yoga Kinisis will guide you to a wonderful journey from Bahiranga Sadhana (external and sensory experience) to Antaranga Sadhana (internal processes) with integrity, respect to the individual but also to the traditional values with responsibility and positivity.

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