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Chandogya Upanishad 6.8.2

I’m a fan of Indian philosophy or may I say, to any philosophy that can stimulate the intelligence of the mind. Obviously this field is so vast, that a lifetime is not enough to keep one occupied (taking this opportunity to thank the energy that makes us feel this way and to be grateful for such a vastness is offered).

The mind as well as the body needs some kind of stimulation and this is how the nervous system and hormones become balanced.

The good news is that this IS possible (to feel stimulated-physically, mentally, emotionally in the right proportions so that a sense of contentment is present everyday)

The bad news is that it needs constant effort and attention. It is not something that comes naturally.

In this post, I reflect more on Pranamaya Kosha after the in-depth study on Pancha Koshas (KYM) and I expand a bit more on 6.8.2 verse of Chandogya Upanishad——>

Sa yathā śakuniḥ sūtreṇa prabaddho diśaṃ diśaṃ patitvānyatrāyatanamalabdhvā bandhanamevopaśrayata evameva khalu somya tanmano diśaṃ diśaṃ patitvānyatrāyatanamalabdhvā prāṇamevopaśrayate prāṇabandhanaṃ hi somya mana iti —- 6.8.2 —

As if you have a bird that is tied to a string; the bird moves around seeking a place to rest or a shelter and finally takes refuge at the very place where it is tied, in the same way, my boy, the mind after flying into various directions and finding no resting place anywhere, it is taking refuge to Prana; the mind, my boy, is tied to Prana.— free translation

The nature of the mind is to be restless and continually tries to find a resolution, continually tries to find a place to rest (don’t you feel mentally tired? This is the feeling); the only refuge is the Prana…-where Prana is, the mind will reconcile, it will be settled.

Prana is not breath, but breath can be regulated through Prana.

When Prana is disturbed, the whole system is disturbed…the senses are agitated, the mind is wandering, the thoughts are all over the place. When this happens, there is little self regulation of the mind because it is controlled by the senses. The senses are not happy and seek gratification externally, external objects. This can become poisonous and then is when we make inappropriate choices and have constant suffering. Therefore, we have to regulate the breath. It is only through the breath and the senses, the mind can have total control.


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