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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015 ~ Balance


As long as the word ‘Balance’ doesn’t freak you out with all its rightness and correctness, let’s not take it all so literally in a sense.

‘Careful construction of your Hatha Yoga practice is like creating a tasty meal with all the right spices. The food is satisfying when the spices are in balance. So, too, in creating a yoga practice that leads to a harmonious mind. On some days, you might require more movement with lots of variety, while on others, your system may need more stillness. Tune in to your needs and over time you will be able to observe the three gunas* intertwining and acting within as one.’ JR

Of course there has been the must-do-wishlist-resolution that everyone supposed to do this time of the year, pretty much same things as the year before..Well, I won’t bother you with long lists of what you should include or not in your New Year’s resolution list. We all more or less know what we should do to keep our body, mind, emotions, senses, energies balanced. Our everyday habits and vulnerability don’t help much, but if we take small steps to change, it is all so much easier and simple…

However, I shall tell you my point of view about the step by step (Vinyasa Krama) transformation.. You won’t see straight away great results, you won’t find this great ‘eureka’ moment any time soon, it won’t ‘hit’ you or overly ‘heat’ you in some way. This is a long process, it requires a lot of patience (nevertheless an important virtue to acquire) but you find yourself immersed into a sense of harmony even for short periods of time in your every day life. If you go slowly, you find time to observe, to listen, to adjust and to move. I have chosen to go slowly, keeping a bigger vision in my head. And this is what is helping me.  Each one of us, depending on where we are in life need to ponder into such things and what kind of practice could be of our benefit to find our balance, not only in New Year’s Eve, but this is a good start anyway.

My resolution for the New Year is simple yet ever so difficult (it has been in my wishlist for years :~).. I commit to include more meditation into my practice. I have been practising meditation for a long time and I know how much it helps me but I struggle to include it in my everyday life (like I do with yoga). I always include glimpses of it in my yoga practice but I want a bit more…I want this year to include a 15 minute meditation after every yoga practice. THAT simple (not).

I wish you all have little or bigger steps and resolutions in mind for the year to come so that you bring out the very best out of yourselves! May you all have a year filled with balance and contentment in every aspect of life you will encounter. Love is the key to everything. ❤

* You can check what is written on the Gunas in my blog – March 2013


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