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Just a thought and a quote.

Things may fall apart every day, but the movement of yoga can help;  it works from the inside mirroring our clear reflection and soothing as it heals. Our centre is strong enough to hold us together and move on.

Samtosha is the sanskrit word for ‘contentment’ and reflecting to it, I just present what JR once wrote about it.

”How quickly do you want to flip to the next page? To run from one thing to another? Like a fly, you are always seeking, always on the go?

Samtosha is a quality, a feeling, and a way of being with all experience – both positive and negative. Soften the struggle. Yoga asana and pranayama are useful tools to cultivate samtosha. Not only do we usually feel better after practice, but we can actually measure the grip of our restlessness or striving in the quality of our day-to-day practice. Cultivate contentment and let your heart bask in its own goodness, which is always enough.”


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