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Bring it on summer 2015!! Crete it is!!

Yes!!! I’m in Crete this summer and I’m loving it!

Work obligations that always  involve therapy and holistic treatments brought me here. I’ve always preferred south Crete but the northern side can be equally awesome. The products, nature and music of this island touch my heart, so inevitably it is a blessing to be here.

Now, having not much of free time, I always remember this…


And…well…I try…this is so vital for my inner peace and balance.

The universe is trying to tell me something, since I bumped into the following quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan just yesterday..I shall listen, me thinks.

” The great error of this age is that activity has increased so much that there is little margin left in one’s everyday life for repose. Repose is the secret of all contemplation and meditation, the secret of getting in tune with that aspect of life which is the essence of all things. When one is not accustomed to take repose, one does not know what is behind one’s being.”

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