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Movement of the Self ~ Dance of Siva

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 22 Σεπ 2020


Sometimes the way different forms of expression move the body, can be extremely ispirational on the natural grasp of ΜovΕmenΤ in its entirety… from the inconceivable micro body cells to the most distant  part of the universe..Once you sense all the 5 elements of nature in your movements you’re pretty much there (as in ‘there’ meaning the different realms of existence, different levels of consciousness). So once nature is there, reality is there..

There is Space or Ether (Akasa) because without space we wouldn’t be able to move. There is Wind (Vayu) to provide mobility through space. There is Fire (Agnih) to generate the will and desire in order to start moving. Then the Water (Apah) to provide fluidity and flexibility. Last but not least, the matter we are made from, the element of the Earth (Prithvi), the amazing composition and form of the body. This element of stability that Earth provides gets moving and changing into water constantly. Our intellect then (buddhi) is there to make sure that this movement is done intelligently and harmoniously. Imagine a soul, a mind which moves and changes direction with no grounding, with no stable roots. It will go ‘where the wind blows’ with neither connection of actions whatsoever nor harmony.

Imagine however, to move and change in different directions with a purpose, a meaning, deep roots of connection and harmony. This is more accessible when we are alert in the present moment, we are connected to nature where we can find a sense of bliss no matter the changes.

When I’m referring to Yoga movement, (kinisis), I consider this to be a whole idea of how the body, mind and soul moves through life nicely. Yoga helps me to self study and to feel, to introspect and to absorb. From the expression of moving the body in different forms (yoga postures) to the changing emotions, energies, thoughts, stages in life. Just like the water flows ceaselessly. This movement generates impressions to the body, to the sensory organs and even to the more subtle planes of existence. How our mind perceives these impressions depends on how expanded is our consciousness, how able we are to transcend the limitations of the physical body.. Some people to put too much effort on this, others just not…

Most of the ancient texts talk about how we can train the mind to overcome obstacles, stuck impressions or delusions that come from the infinite wave of change. And to my perception, the unity through nature (spirit and matter) is the link to bring light to our lives, to bring awareness of the truth or the Divine if you like. Many cultural traditions (including greek and indian) found anwers and spiritual connection through movement in space…dance, music, rhythm, theatre..the mysteries of life are unravelled without travelling..we just have to feel and look within.

In the 3rd chapter of the Siva sutras (a text/revelation in Kashmir Shaivism-tantric tradition) indicate the Self as an actor or dancer ‘dancing to the rhythm of the Universe’ in the arena of Siva consciousness (the supreme consciousness). So imagine a theme with an actor on a stage ready to perform and identify the analogy: of the actor (as the individual), the arena/stage (as the Universe or phenomenal world) and the audience (as the sense organs). When the mind and emotions are preoccupied with sense objects and personal relationships in the waking state of consciousness (jagrat), there is neither energy nor space (phychologically) to devote to the effort needed for a more spiritual quest.

When we let go and leave some space in the mind, we see all our movements in life as an act, a performance which is done harmoniously and US as the cosmic dancers. Dancing the ‘dance of Siva’ in the vast terrain of the Universe..

According to Hindu mythology, Siva’s dance by Nataraja symbolises the cosmic cycles of creation as well as the daily rhythms of birth and death. Siva’s dance is perceived as the source of all movement within the universe. Nataraja’s dance is an allegory of human condition; it destroys the ego, enjoys a state free of illusions, creates and destroys again.



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