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Why Yoga Kinisis?

One of numerous definitions for Yoga is by A.G. Mohan as below:

“The process of changing the wandering mind into a centred one, a wanting mind into a contented one, a self-indulging mind into a self-fulfilling one”

Yoga Kinisis (=movement in Greek) is how I labeled my Yoga journey although it sounds that movement may contradict the essence of Yoga. When we think of Yoga we think about stillness and peace. Certainly! this is our goal.. Yet our journey towards that goal as well as all our expressions in life involve movement.

Through Yoga there is movement in the body –  there is the apparent movement of the limbs as we move in and out of the postures, but also we can actually feel inside our body the organs and the tissue as they stretch, contract and twist.

Through Yoga there is also movement of the breath which involves expansion as we inhale and contraction as we exhale.

The definition of the word Yoga is union or to yoke-to link…We take a breath and we move to the next posture…When we feel resistance we pause and breathe…And that’s how we proceed and evolve. We learn how to move intelligently, linking movement and breath moment by moment, movement by movement, breath by breath.

The movement of the body and breath creates a shift in the state of mind…we are moving from distraction to attention, we are greatful with what we have in life and make the most of it, we are moving our attention internally and we become more aware of what the mind or body needs. We are moving into more healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. It seems that our lives move on with more balance, more clarity and harmony. Yoga becomes our invaluable tool that creates a union between us and our goal….Peacefuleness and stillness.

I hope I meet you in this fascinating Yoga Kinisis journey….Namaste ❤


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