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Yoga and Harmony in Silver Island/ Evia

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 22 Σεπ 2020

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I’m writing this only because I want to share with you one more of these wonderful moments when for some time, one leaves behind all the mind impressions (samskaras) and connects with a better self (I wouldn’t say higher, the word ‘better’ is closer to the way I perceive myself out of this experience). Yet perceptions can change either in the process to understand ourselves and our human nature, so I’ll probably talk about the higher self in a future blog…Samskaras (deep impressions) that have become strong habits and reside in our subconscious level come from our childhood memories, the external stimuli, the interaction with people, the conditionings of our society, everything that we experience is somehow stored inside and form our reaction towards the world. Sometimes, or should I say more often, these samskaras create fear, pain, interruptions, distractions, attachments to our actions, speech or thoughts with painful and miserable results…our intellect is dull, we don’t listen to what the body or mind needs, we are not able to discriminate what is right or wrong in a situation, we are just so confused or making the wrong decisions. This way of life becomes also our habit (it is clearly a samskara) and becomes our nature. We just can’t let go. Swami Vivekananda once said: ‘the only remedy to habits is counter habits’. Then the counter habits become new habits and they overcome the old pattern. This pattern CAN be changed and we CAN see more clearly, without confusion. Stilling the mind and enjoying peaceful moments we have glimpses of a better self. EVERYONE. Every single human being. As long as we make an effort….Nothing comes easy…Stilling the mind sharpens the intellect, we can discriminate our actions and we make the right decisions. I have this picture when I go through a stressful moment: A head full of thoughts which is banging like being in an awful traffic. There is no way out. My tool to overcome this stage easily is yoga, breathing and meditation. In the beginning I was really NOT in the mood to start any practice, I didn’t want to do anything, but now it has become a necessity. I feel like my head becomes more clear, the traffic ends and I can move freely into my direction without interruptions. In our lives, we need to find the right tools for us to still our minds, which then leads to a happier communication, to a more constructive and enjoyable socialising just because we feel better. We are so nice in nature…every each one of us.

These thoughts came out while spending my time recently to a wonderful private island – the Silver island in Evia/Greece. I hung out by myself in the most wonderful nature but also spent some time with great people. The owners of the island show great respect to the visitors and the environment that enhance the stunning natural beauty of the place. It is the perfect place to withdraw for some time and spend some valuable time with yourself and others.

I will be teaching yoga there for a week next year, sooooooo looking forward to it!!!!!!!!! Yoga, contact with people (not their samskaras…;)) and wonderful is that?? .

Watch this space!!! It’s really worth it! xxx


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