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Yoga in Patmos 2014

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 22 Σεπ 2020

Back to Patmos again this year and I feel so excited, new vibrant energy is filling me up every day, I have

 new hope and plans. I’m so grateful to life and to people that I meet on the way. Especially to Athena and Wayne who invited me again this year to teach daily Yoga classes on their wonderful terrace in Kambos~Patmos island~Dodecannese~Greece.



Why would someone practice yoga on holidays?

Because when you practice yoga you feel good! Yoga enhances your experience of life. If all this goodness is multiplied during holidays along with swimming in the sea and absorbing the sun, then you shouldn’t worry about the winter ahead. Batteries have been charged even if you have not realised it. Yoga is energising, relaxing, strengthening the mind and body. You feel better at the end of the session than before you began and life runs more smoothly when you maintain the practice. This feeling is so natural and genuine, that it carries you over into the rest of the days. We naturally contract in order to protect ourselves. It’amazing to learn how to open up by relaxing, by becoming increasingly fearless and strong to face the reality that follows.

We have felt like that, seen it to others, believe it all the way!

This is why we are here again this year!!

So all of you out there who will be lucky enough to come to Patmos this July or August..we are waiting for you up on the terrace…in Kambos…for Yoga and massages…to recharge and renew your energies, to breathe deeply fresh air up on the hill, to feel revitalised

 and refreshed!!!!

Contact email:

Contact phone:0030 698 4349110


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