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Yoga in Patmos ~ the small island of Apocalypse (Revelation)

Patmos is small greek island (just 12km long from north to south) in the northern part of Dodecanese. This island has a  unique charm, natural beauty and considered special, since St John’s had an apocalyptic experience in the Cave of the Apocalypse…


The Cave is the spot where St John sat to meditate, where he became a seer, therefore received the visions of God and revealed them in the Book of Revelation… Or, for my point of view, a way from a spiritual being to describe God’s meanings and predictions, to present a panorama of events of the known and the unknown. Symbolisms, prophecies and allegories facilitate the story and the New Testament seems to be the shining glory of christianity.

Without having personally strong beliefs and dogmatic views on religion or dogmas on such delicate subjects, I have been awed by the majesty of the Cave and the Monastery, the wall paintings, the significant architecture, chapels, stairways, arcades, the way all residents respect and protect their place and its surroundings, keeping them unspoilt.


Well, there I’ve spent sometime on the island doing yoga, enjoying the sea, interesting people. I have also been informed about the Glastonbury-Patmos Twining Associasion which encourages cultural and spiritual events between the two places (how cool is that?) . Then of course, I’ve enjoyed Wayne’s wonderful and unique house that he constructed in a span of many years. I’ve enjoyed Wayne’s and Athena’s hospitality and will go back there in the summer.

What to do? Offering Yoga classes (in English and Greek), while Athena will be offering many kinds of massages, specialised in accupunture and siatsu.

People from all over the world will be there and will join us in the stunning yoga terrace to enjoy morning and evening classes!

Hope to see you there! ❤

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